• The Challenge / Le Défi (#o1)With SneakyBoy07:10
  • Swap and walk (o2)04:50
  • Swap and walk (o1)06:29
  • You will end up barefoot !05:07
  • Skate Shoes, Pool Party and Tickling Feet !26:10
  • Tender caresses04:17
  • Skat3er steals SneakyBoy skets01:50
  • The revenge of Skat3er03:06
  • Swap in the woods05:01
  • SneakyBoy & Skat3er to a festival04:19
  • The only things one never regrets are one's mistakes01:48
  • SneakyBoy is kidnapped and tied to a pole05:16
  • Skat3er licks the feet of SneakyBoy asleep05:04
  • Skat3er is punished by SneakyBoy09:33
  • Skat3er is bound and stripped04:29
  • Feet in the air at the forges03:03
  • Crushing on the beach04:22
  • Good deal !02:56
  • Monster Eater02:17
  • SneakyBoy... shoes off in the woods !03:18
  • Little fun in the woods02:52
  • Drunk Skat3er falls asleep05:42
  • Free hugs03:01
  • Drunk SneakyBoy falls asleep08:25
  • Tied up & Tickled06:44
  • SneakyBoy is tied up04:01
  • Skat3er is tied up03:12
  • First meeting13:15

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