• The skater is kidnapped... What will be the punishment ?With Sk8 cDaViD17:02
  • We had a lot of fun in an abandoned factoryWith Sk8 cDaViD09:26
  • First experience of tickling for Sk8 cDaViDWith Sk8 cDaViD35:12
  • Walk in the woods in a Shoeplay modeWith Sk8 cDaViD07:10
  • Sk8 cDaViD is drunk and falls asleepWith Sk8 cDaViD19:46
  • Swapping skate shoesWith Sk8 cDaViD06:36

6 commentaires

soczek · 14/07/2019 à 16 h 28 min

Have you striped socks?

shoefan1837 · 09/03/2020 à 22 h 11 min

Hi there! I really love his videos, and the majority of these videos had me excited. Just one question, will there be more videos of him?

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