• I spend my time to lose my sneakers34:30
  • Skat3er dies into the jaws of Monster Eater19:17
  • Shoeplay with Sk8erboy socks09:38
  • Wake up !05:40
  • A gift from Simon08:01
  • Shoeplay with Sk8erboy socks09:38
  • Shoeplay at midnight... Outside !07:35
  • Shoeplay & Artengo white socks07:40
  • Monster Eater (h)ate Skat3er02:10
  • Shoeplay at the end of day04:58
  • After a long day in my shoes03:19
  • Crushing session & Shoeplay(video test)10:47
  • Shoeplay in a park05:28
  • Playing in the waves09:01
  • I lost my shoes in a park07:09

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