Here is a presentation
of my favorite games



Wearing nothing on the feet.
Watch beautiful bare feet.
Put someone barefoot.


Bondage / Tied up

Tie someone.
Have a prisoner.
Keep someone captive.



Caress the shoes, the socks and the feet.
Caress the inside of the shoe.
Caress the body.



Shoes on, socked feet or bare feet.
Deform and pulverize.
Force inwards by compressing forcefully.



Pass the tongue over a bare foot.
Lick the toes.
Lick between the toes.



Abduct someone.
Make a prisoner.
Hold someone captive.



Kneading, manipulation of the muscles.
Massage of bare feet.


Sagging pants

Wear pants below your waist.
Show your underwear.
It originally meant you want some sex in prison.



Use your foot to play with a shoe.
Lift and swing your shoe.
Regarded as erotic by fetishists.


Shoes stuck in the mud

Play with your shoes in the mud.
Stuck your shoes in the mud.
Loose your shoes.


Skate shoes

Type of footwear.
Big shoes with thick laces.
Specifically designed and manufactured for use in skateboarding.



Type of footwear.
Soft shoes, worn for everyday use.
These are not sport shoes.


Socks / Socked feet

Pieces of clothing which cover your foot and ankle.
When you loose your shoes, or someone steals them.
Wear your socks without shoes.


Stolen shoes

When someone is stealing your shoes.
Take any shoes without permission or legal right.
Steal the shoes of a drunk guy who is sleeping.



Lightly touch a person or a part of the body.
Causes mild discomfort or itching and often laughter.
Make someone laugh.


To smell shoes / socked feet / bare feet

Use the nose by means of the olfactory nerves.
Inhale the odor of a shoe, a socked foot or a bare foot.
You need to steal someone’s shoe to do that.



Get wet while wearing your clothes and your shoes.
Play in a swimming-pool, in a bath or under a shower.
Organize a pool-party with your friends.